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AFF - Accelerated Free Fall

Learn to skydive.

Have you always dreamed of skydive by yourself ? Join our training programs and experienced instructors will help you get a skydiving license.

The most advanced free fall course in the world at Sde Teyman – Be’er Sheva airfield, AFF – Accelerated Free Fall.

This method is the most advanced and popular in the skydiving world today.

The course is structured in two parts – theoretical and practical.

קורס צניחה חופשית

The theoretical phase

Eight hours long, usually lasts one day and ends with a test. At this stage the student will learn concepts, theory, safety and ground practice.

The practical phase

Include 7 skydives. All skydives are accompanied by experienced AFF instructors.
The training is personal and allows the student to progress at the right pace for him.
Each skydive in the course constitutes a stage that the student must go through in order to advance to the next stage.
By skydiving, the student learns to function in the air, to communicate with other skydivers while maintaining the safety rules and altitude alertness. The student also learns to get out of the plane, fly forward and backward, fast and slow, perform turns and rolls under the supervision and guidance of the instructor until the parachute opens.

After opening the parachute, the student will be accompanied by a guide from the ground who, with the help of a walkie-talkie, will guide the student and help him make a correct and safe landing.

During the course each student gets 12 minutes in the Rishon Lezion wind tunnel for freefall training accompanied by a guide during each visit to the tunnel.

From the moment the course begins, the student must make sure to come at least twice a month and must complete a full course within 3 months.

If a student fails to arrive within three weeks, he must go back one step and of course, this skydive will be at his expense.

On the day of skydiving, it is mandatory to arrive on time and stay until the end of the briefing and inspection of the instructor with whom the student skydived.

At our SkyKef skydiving club, the student will be able to participate in a main parachute packing course.
This workshop will allow the studnet to pack the parachute for himself and better understand what he is jumping with, how everything works and what are the technicians steps when opening the parachute.

What happens at the end of the course ?

The student becomes an apprentice skydiver. He must perform another 18 solo skydives and/or instructional skydives in order to reach the skill level required to obtain an A skydiving license. The beginner skydiver will be accompanied by our instructors in the process of his progress in the sport.

License A
The license granted is international. The skydiving license is issued by the Israeli Skydiving Association and/or the American Skydiving Association (USPA).

The price of the course (Hebrew)- 10,000 NIS,
English course :
Group of 4 people or more – 10,000 NIS each.
Small groups or private course should contact us for full information and prices

The price includes a ground course, 7 freedives, full equipment, logbook, helmet and altimeter. and 12 minutes in a wind tunnel.

For tandem skydive prices

In order to issue an international skydiving license on behalf of the Israeli Skydiving Association and/or the United State parachute association (USPA) the skydiver must complete at least 25 skydives ( skydiving course included), and 4 additional training jumps (part of the 25 skydives). In addition, he must demonstrate proficiency in the theoretical material.

50 skydives, the skydiver can complete the tasks required to issue a Class B license. 200 skydives, the skydiver can complete the tasks required to issue a Class C license. 500 skydives, the skydiver can complete the tasks required to issue a Class D license.


The minimum age to start a skydiving course is 18.

The maximum age for the skydiving course is 55.

So we finished the course and now we want to skydive by alone or with a friend?
In the skydiving world there are several types of licenses.
License A is the international license we will receive after performing 25 skydives. The 7 skydives of the course count as part of the 25!
As soon as we have finished the course, we will complete the 25 skydives in total until obtaining the international license.
We will skydive at much lower cost than the cost of the tandem and we will be able to rent equipment and receive appropriate training.
You can purchase a package of skydiving coupons and thus reduce the cost of skydiving even more.
For those who are suitable, there is an option to integrate work at the club.

Contact us for more information.

We highly recommend reserving a place in advance for the skydiving course. There is a great demand and a waiting list for the upcoming courses.

Contact us to book your skydive course.

You can sign up for the waiting list without prepayment and without obligation.

In our AFF skydiving course, there is no need for any type of equipment.
As part of the course price you will receive full skydiving equipment for the course.
You will also receive a course booklet, LOGBOOK and googles for skydiving!

The skydiving course prepares you to become a skydiver in the club and later you can complete the international A license.

The Duration of the course is between a week and a month or so and depends on a number of factors including the weather, the rate of progess, the availability of skydiving and the availability of your arrival.

As part of the course, we will arrange arrival in advance for Fridays and Saturdays.

A license is an international license for skydivers.
With this license you will be able to skydive in a variety of places in the world.

The license can be issued on behalf of the Israeli Skydiving Association or on behalf of the USPA, the Untied States Parachute 
Association .

We are ready and want to fly on it!
We have a few things left to take care of and make sure before the adventure begins.

First we have to make sure that our medical condition is normal. that we are in the appropriate age range for the course (between 18-55)
The weight limit for the course is 97 kg.
In case of any medical problem, contact the club for clarification.


Please contact us to inquire about the skydiving course option for you.

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