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The word “exciting” is more appropriate. The most exciting part is the step out of the door.
Then it will look like one of the most fun and liberating things.
Trust the skydiving instructors at Sky KEF, They are professionals with thousands of hours of skydiving and follow the procedures of the Israeli and American Association of Skydiving.
Trust the instructors and experience the parachute with a quiet heart and great pleasure. Do not forget, they really know what they are doing.

You can do skydive to a weight of around 110 kg, over 89.9 kilos and above a height of 189 centimeters there is an additional charge.

You can do skydive from the age of 10 and up. Children under the age of 18 must come with a certificate from the parents, from the age of 55 a medical certificate is required.

There is no maximum age limit but over the age of 55 a medical certificate is required.

First time skydiving it’s an amazing experience. Plan 3 hours of fun at the Sky Kef Club. The process includes filling out forms, payment arrangements, appropriate clothing, instruction, waiting for a flight, takeoff, 15-20 minute climb, 50-second free fall, 7-8 minutes of gliding with open parachute, landing, waiting to edit a movie, watching a movie and photos and most importantly lots of mood.

It is necessary to book at least two weeks in advance, for a tandem parachute or a skydiving course so that we will announce the right time for you.

There is no need for a deposit, just place an order on the website and ensure the exciting experience.
Registration fees can be made in the “Bit” application or through a clearing system on the website.
In a telephone order, security details must be provided for the order.

The skydiving activity at Sky Kef takes place on Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays from sunrise to sunset in all seasons.

The landscape is an integral part of the skydiving experience. where you will meet with very diverse landscapes golden desert landscape, mountain ranges, southern lowlands, Mediterranean Sea, the northern Negev, stunning desert green and east, the Dead Sea.

A quiet and calm natural atmosphere.

Come with sneakers (closed shoes) and comfortable and sporty clothing.
During the winter, we recommend wearing gloves.

The Sky Kef skydiving club is located in the Sde Yemen airfield, and it is very easy to reach us.


Open “Waze” App and find “SkyKef Sde Teyman”


Here are some options:

A. The Israel Railways train station to “Beer Sheva – Center” and a taxi or bus train station are adjacent to the station.

B. “Eged” bus and “Metropolin” stopping few minutes from our club.

C. Road 40 Tel Aviv -Ber Sheva via Beit Kama Junction and Eshel Hanasi Junction (about an hour and a quarter drive from Tel Aviv).

D. Road 4 Tel Aviv-Ashkelon-B.S. via Yad Mordechai Junction (about an hour and a half drive from Tel Aviv).


Accommodation options:
In the Moshavim and Kibbutzim in the vicinity of the club you can find hotels, B & Bs and guest houses.
Call us for recommendations.
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