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Skydiving as a gift

צניחה חופשית מתנה SKYKEF

Skydiving at SKYKEF is the perfect gift.

We jump from the largest skydiving plane in Israel to a mesmerizing view together with an experienced instructor and everything is documented in high quality video with professional editing.
If you were surprised by skydiving you are probably very much loved, this is a pleasure that few get.
At the altitude of the skydivng we can enjoy a variety of landscapes including the coastline, the Negev, the southern slope, the golden desert and all of this from the SKYVAN – the largest skydiving plane in Israel.
This plane exclusively allows us to see the view and space spread out in front of us before getting off the plane!
You can purchase a gift voucher and redeem it.
You can book your place now and Surprise your loved one.

Our place is cozy and inviting, you can be only 2-3 meters from your loved one’s boarding and about 100 meters from the grass landing site.
There is a huge picnic area, a shaded area, an air-conditioned area that screens skydive films. We can also enjoy a cafeteria – a British bar that serves delicious meals, cold and hot drinks.
Skydiving is part of a day in our place. Extreme flying, soaring activities, experience flights, romantic flights and a one-day pilot in the skies of the country.

If we chose to surprise our loved ones with a skydive, SKYKEF is the right choice – let’s fly for it!


Skydiving as a gift

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