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צניחה חופשית זוגית

Couple skydiving in our skydiving club is an extraordinary experience.

Our skydiving aircraft – the SKYVAN, allows us to hold hands on the way up, smile at each other and get excited all the way to the ultimate experience.

Exclusively in Israel, we will go out the back door, the space and the beautiful view are spread out in front of us and we can go jumping or sitting with our instructor.

Our drop zone is comfortable and inviting, accessible to families and children and allows watching the boarding about 2-3 meters in front of us and landing in a beautiful grass landing field only 100 meters away, all in one place.

We can also enjoy a cafeteria – a British bar offering meals, hot and cold drinks.

We can watch skydiving and aviation activities, our drop zone is very active.

And most importantly get excited and fly on it with us together.

Couple Skydiving

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