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Flying on it from the most beautiful skydive plane in the world.

We are available for you for any question…
The order policy and full details for your order is down below, please read carefully..

Please arrive at the appointed time.
The duration of the entire process, which includes registration, payment, training, flight and skydiving – lasts on average about two hours until the soft landing on the ground.
In exceptional cases the process may be delayed up to 3 hours.

Plans change… we get it.
Over the years, our change/cancellation policy advocates providing quality service and focusing on the skydiving and the experience rather than the cancellation fee, therefore:
In case of canceling or changing the date of your skydiving, it is possible to do so more than 3 days from the skydiving date – without any cost and without any obligation.
In the case of less than 3 days from the skydiving date – there is a payment of NIS 100 per person only that will be kept to your credit for a period of 3 months for repeated booking (even if you canceled on the day of the free skydiving).
In the event that a customer boarded the plane and did not do the skydive – there is no refund.

In the event that there is an interruption of activity as a result of weather that does not allow skydiving and/or an unusual safety situation, the club reserves the right to change the skydiving date to another date.
In that case, if you want to cancel or change the date of the skydiving – you can do it free of charge.

It is possible to do personal  skydive accident insurance at a cost of 100 NIS – the insurance form is attached below.
If one of the tandem skydivers (first timer) weighs from 90 kg to 100 kg or is 190 cm or more tall, there is a monetary supplement of NIS 190 for each of the exceptions.
f one of the tandem skydiver weighs 100 kg to 110 kg, there is an additional charge of NIS 380. Beyond this weight it is not possible to skydive.

We are located in a beautiful location in Israel – SkyKef – Sde Yemen,
about an hour’s drive from the center to the south.
In the *Waze* app / on Google Maps – type SkyKef.
To navigate Waze, click here.

You must arrive with an ID card, a gift voucher for those who arrive with a voucher, comfortable clothes (depending on the weather that day) and closed shoes. It is advisable not to come with jeans.מחכים לכם באוויר, צוות SkyKef.

This order confirmation is an integral part of your agreement to the above terms of service. Failure to agree to these terms on your part constitutes cancellation of the order and a return notification must be sent for cancellation.
In case the cancellation notice is received less than 3 days from the date of the parachute -there is a payment of NIS 100 per person that will be kept to your credit for a period of 3 months for repeated booking (even if you canceled on the day of the skydiving).

call 1700-705-867
International phone number 972504499766

Click to download - a blessing your tandem skydiver.

A Word file that you can edit and add a personal greeting of your choice.

Click to download - insurance (optional)

There is no obligation to take out insurance - if you want to take out insurance, you can fill out the document on the day of the skydive.

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